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The Moorkieker in Drochtersen - nature, leisure time and fun at the Elbe

Experience the change of a countryside....
... on the Moorkieker during a two or three hour boats-trip on a 4km long round tour to the typical train stations of the Kehdinger's moor landscape development:

High-moor exploration on a 1.200 m safe plank path Grassland culitivation recognition on the high-moor ground structure
Peat cutting - today and before
Moor regeneration - the moor after peat cutting

Enjoy the view over the wide changing countryside from the observation tower. Models clarify the development of todays countryside.
Cut peat yourself: we show you the farmers hand cut!

The Kehdinger marshland....
... shaped with its sheer never ending treeless vastness of over 40 square kilometres the low land between Elbe and its tribitary Oste.
... have for a long time avoided this hostile area. During the last 200 years, the Kehdinger marshland has been conquered and utilised. The natural landscape has been transformed into cultivated land.

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Public trips during April to October - Every first Sunday in a month


Verein zur Förderung von Naturerlebnissen e. V.
Am Sande 4
21682 Stade
Tel. 04141 / 12561


Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 12nn

Group tours; peat cutting by request.

Events for schools

Individual styled moor trips and educational events.

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